'Embarrassing Itself'


Editor: Awhile back, I stuck a want-ad in the Tri-City Advertiser looking for someone to run for county supervisor from my district. I met a bunch of very interesting applicants. The incumbent dropped out. There's no more Tri-City Advertiser, just the North Coast Journal. And I'm looking for a candidate again. Government is a serious business, and I'm tired of having an imp as my supervisor. Reading Thadeus Greenson's deadpan-dry account of last week's meeting ("Supes Talk Fire Insurance, Cannabis Tax Collection and Auctioning Off a Pistol," Oct. 24) was the last straw. A supervisor who puts a handgun into an auction basket is mischievous and should not hold responsible office in times like this. Rex Bohn is a dangerously outdated caricature of a swashbuckler who enjoys scandalizing prim little old ladies like me. Thad reported Rex's taunt: "Hopefully you can find someone to run against me and hold this against me." Guns tossed to his buddies can wind up in the playpen. Who will run against Rex? Caroline? Nezzie? Linda? Aaron? Ted? At least, let's have a debate! As a "strong advocate" for rural interests, the supervisors reappointed Rex to the Rural County Representatives of California. Here, Rex advocates for the exploitation of woody biomass, and will expand the industry massively into Humboldt County in the next four years. This end-stage logging will be a catastrophe for Humboldt. However, forest biomass is losing its subsidized status as renewable (which it isn't), so Rex urges haste: "In 15 years they'll catch on to us and we won't be able to burn wood pellets anymore." He has made sure to be on the board that signs off on the EIR for the monster Golden State Natural Resources wood pellet project. How will we find out about any of this if there's no campaign? Declare, somebody! The First District is embarrassing itself. Ellen Taylor, Petrolia…


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