"It wasn't just a mistake": Victim's family reacts to Lisa Core 15-year-sentence and lack of apology in court


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) - Family members struggled through tears, expressing their loss to not only all in the courtroom but to the person who caused their pain, Lisa Core.

Core was allegedly under the influence in December 2021, when her car went over the sidewalk at the corner of Panama Lane and Hammond Way, hitting siblings 19-year-old J.J. Malone and 10-year-old Caylee Brown. Both died at the scene.

Wednesday, Core was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison after pleading no contest to two counts of second-degree murder.

Family members said they hope she serves as much time as possible.

"They're the ones that are still in the grave, she still gets to eat, sleep and do all of those things and they can't do that. Caylee won't get to graduate school, but she got to, and still gets to wake up every day and they're stuck in a grave," said cousin, Jadah Villatoro.

The afternoon of the crash it was determined Core was under the influence of prescription medications and she had prior DUI convictions. She was emotional in court listening to each victim impact statement of the pain she caused but father of J.J. Malone, Jeffery Malone, said that the sentencing and her emotions don't bring closure to the family.

"I think when something like this occurs, you're never whole again. I feel like it's always going to carry on in your life until you pass there's no way around it, I don't think," said Malone.

Core claimed she was too emotional to speak to the family in court, leaving the family disappointed.

"The actions you caused gave all this pain to these families and you can't say nothing to us it's kind of disheartening," said Malone.

"I would just want to know what was her thought process, why did she think it was okay, I mean it was her fourth one, not even like her first. It wasn't just a mistake. I just want to know what she was thinking, and if she does feel guilty," said Villatoro.

However, Core's attorney said during court she was remorseful and, in her words, "would give her life in a heartbeat" to bring the siblings back.


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