LA City Council calls for more regulations for self-driving cars


A Los Angeles council member introduced a motion to establish regulations for self-driving cars operating within city limits Wednesday. 

"The last ten years have seen us evolve alongside the app-driven economy and its inherent complexities," said Councilwoman Traci Park, who introduced the motion. "Autonomous vehicles present a parallel trajectory, and we're poised to meet this challenge head-on, learning from past experiences."  

The motion instructed city staff to compile a report to outline state mandates that prevent the city from regulating autonomous vehicles and to find ways to leverage data collected by self-driving car companies. 

"Profit margins should never eclipse the safety of our constituents and workforce," Park said. "While Los Angeles stands as a beacon of progress, consistently adopting transformative technologies, we must be able to effectively address and have the tools to regulate this new technology."

Since 2014, The California Department of Motor Vehicles received 671 autonomous vehicle collision reports throughout the entire state, 126 of which happened in 2023. 

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