Police find alligators during investigation in San Bernardino


San Bernardino police stumbled upon two young alligators two and a half feet long while investigating a squatter case on Santa Fe Street last week.

Animal services were called in to retrieve the reptiles. The young alligators were found with their skin bearing traces of white paint, indicating a lack of proper care in their previous environment, as noted by the Forever Wild Sanctuary in Phelan, where they are now located.

“It was evident from the dryness of their skin that these alligators were not maintained in a suitable wet environment,” a representative from the sanctuary said.

The Forever Wild Sanctuary, known for its expertise in rehabilitating and caring for exotic animals, took charge of the alligators’ well-being. The gators, named Loki and Sylvie after the fictional characters in the Disney+ show “Loki,” were reported to be in good health and were under quarantine at the sanctuary’s facilities.

Efforts were underway to secure funds for the construction of a habitat for the rescued reptiles. The sanctuary appealed to the public for support in providing a sustainable and safe long-term environment for the alligators.

San Bernardino police were investigating the circumstances surrounding the presence of the alligators at the squatter site.



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